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Sometimes it sucks to be at SCGSAH

so i have resorted to asking people how it is that you can meet somebody that isnt creepy in greenville on live journal. that is how wrapped up in school i am. anyway, i really want to meet some people that aren't from SCGSAH because i live with these people and i see them everyday, any suggestions?
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what the heck is a "SCGSAH"? is that some sort of disorder?


March 28 2006, 13:24:08 UTC 11 years ago

SCGSAH is not a disorder, but it might as well be. It stands for the South Carolina Governor's school for the arts and humanities.
i feel for you.
its not really that bad, its okay, its just that its a small residential school that has about 220 people in total and you see them everyday, i was just looking for a new face or two
here is a new face:

new face
haha, thanx for the new face!
I'm a Furman student.
And most of my icons are pictures of me.
So here's a couple of versions of a new face.
Nice to meet you purple_ladybug1. :) Nice s/n, nice face.
And here i was just thinking noone posted to this community.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure not many people post to this community, but I tend to reply to those who do.
That's mighty kind of you.
Pleasure making your acquaintance.
Hey thanks! those are nice pictures of you by the way!
Thank you!
I'm assuming you're a junior at the Gov's School? I have two friends from home who are juniors there, Anna and Lucas.
Anna who? and Is it lucas sams? he's a good friend of mine. but yeah im a junior. thanks for replying!
Anna Trammell, and yeah, that's Lucas.

Anna and I have been friends for about five years, but Lucas and I just met this past summer.
That's a really good question. I resorted to MySpace to meet new people. Unfortunately most are still out of state, but several are local people that seem pretty cool. Good luck with your search. :)
Thank you!